All About SB Fitness

Helping You Achieve Your Fitness Targets

Ste Bunn knows just how important physical fitness is, not only for the body, but also for the mind. He established Ste Bunn Fitness and Personal Training in 2015 with the aim of helping other people get the many benefits from fitness that he has.

As a registered and qualified trainer, Ste now spends his time helping people to get into the shape of their lives through his group exercise classes as well as one-on-one personal training and mentoring.

Fun, Challenging and Motivating

Think back to the last few times you were at the gym: running on the treadmill but getting nowhere fast. Even with your favourite music blasting , it just seemed so dull, impersonal and unproductive. Where was that passion for exercise you’ve heard others talking about? The addiction to workout endorphins? You’ve been ploughing time and money into your fitness, so why aren’t you seeing the results?

Unfortunately, exercise has become such a chore for many people that Ste wanted to ensure his classes and training didn’t feel like a burden. That is why he trained to become an Insanity certified trainer. These classes offer a challenging, rewarding social experience, unlike the gym which can be soulless and disheartening.

Certified Training

Ste Bunn is Certified by Insanity, meaning he has the knowledge and skills to deliver the program effectively to all his clients. Don’t settle for imitations.

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